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Not just looking at Japan through a glass window!

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Visit Japan on two wheels

Visit some precious places in Japan where you will found difficulties to travel without motorcycles. We will travel through main island of Japan "Honshu". Our route will take you to many places where even Japanese riders are very impressed.You will see Japanese old culture, beautiful mountain roads, and Japanese foods.


Our tour includes not only motorcycle experience, but some experience of Japanese culture. For example,Staying some nights at traditional Japanese "Ryokan", Japanese hot springs "Onsen", meditating at ZEN temple, taste Japanese rice wine "Sake", and so on.

Where do we visit?

During our tour, we will visit some remote villages which not so many foreigner visit,old temples, old castles where "Samurai" were in ancient days, hot springs where you can relax, some museums where you can see Japanese old sward "KATANA", an theme park where you can meet "Samurai" and "NINJA".

Also you can enjoy Japanese beautiful nature when we ride country side of Japan, and you can enjoy special traffic jam of Japan when we ride cities!!

■10days tour
■7days tour

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